Revolution is a manipulatable concept depends on who is the hierarchy in power.
In China, there is a saying “The empire’s rise, Is people’s woe; The empire’s fall, Is also people’s woe“ which represents the blindness and ignorance of individual. 
In most of the cases, our living status may completely depend on the hierarchy’s plan or mood. That is in fact how we treat small creature as well.
In my early childhood, I tortured and killed many grasshoppers only because I and my childhood friend need some fun when we were bored. I look back and understand that is a brutal behavior. It is a revolutionary change of my value and philosophy system.
Thus, this piece is my personal peccavi and reveals my understanding of the world.



I used to like catch grasshoppers when I was a child

I and my friend prefer to catch the green one with sharp face because it’s rare and bigger

No matter which kind we caught, we tore off their big legs and watched them crawled

Then, we tortured them or just step on them

After I grow up, I understand it was such a brutal behavior

The weight of life is equally important regardless who or what

And that makes me realized that: “Maybe I’m also a little grasshopper.“​