Men and Nature


We used to think we can conquer nature, yet, we heavily rely on it.

The global problems, such as catastrophic weather, ozone depletion, and plastic pollution, are all warning us that we have to handle our relationship with nature in a correct way.

This piece will be focused on this relationship in a broad sense.



We used to think human’s relationship with nature is against each other. In fact, human is part of nature and rely on it.

Human depends upon healthy ecosystems for survival.

The food and water we used have been amounts to astounding one third to one half of global ecosystem production.

Intact ecosystems can not only support our living but also help regulate the weather and climate.

However, these systems are extremely fragile, we are only now beginning to understand the myriad interactions and 
interdependencies that sustain them.

If they are gone, there is no replacement.

The planet earth has lived 4 billion years and it has least another 3 billion years more to go. We, human, are just a tiny fragment of its life.

If we do not change our behavior and needs to preserve these ecosystems, we may end up as what George Carlin says: “The planet is fine. The people are Fxxxed.“