Self Reflection


Self-reflection is an important daily practice that helps people re-think about themselves. Re-think about their behavior and their good or bad. Therefore, they can be better human beings, be more peaceful and be more empathetic. 
In ancient China, self-reflection is an important daily lesson that recommended by Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism. 
Confucianism consider self-reflection should be done 3 times a day which includes 3 basic questions: 1) Did I try hard enough?   2) Did I keep my words?  3) Did I review what I’ve learned?
Daoism and Buddhism consider self-reflection as part of the observation of the entire universe. It helps people to clear their mind, re-examine themselves and be more empathetic or be more determined. 



Life is Colorful
Every day, we may be influenced by different colors From various parts of life
Thus, calm down and look at ourselves
Re-think about our day
see the joy and sorrow of life
Then refresh ourselves and become a better person Self-reflection, every day is a new day